555 Difficult Bible Questions Answered

Copyright, 1914 (Now in the Public Domain in the U.S.)


157. What Significance Has the Word "Abba," as When It Precedes the Word "Father" ?
158. What Are We to Understand by the Battle of Armageddon, Referred to in Revelation?
159. What Is Meant by the "Prince of the Power of the Air"?
160. What Is the Baptism of Fire?
161. Have Automobiles and Airships Been the Subject of Biblical Prophecy?
162. What Is Meant by the "Beast and His Mark"?
163. How Was the Brazen Serpent a Type?
164. Were the Giants Mentioned in Genesis 6:4 the Descendants of Angels, As Some Fanciful Interpreters Claim?
165. What Is Meant by "Casting Out Devils?"
166. What and Where Is the "Kingdom of God?"
167. What Is Being "Baptized Unto Death"?
168. In What Sense Is the Believer "In Christ"?
169. What Is It to Be "Risen with Christ"?
170. What Is the Bible Definition of a Christian?
171. Who Were the First Christians?
172. When Was the First "Church" So Called?
173. Who First Fixed the Date of Christmas Day on December 25th?
174. How Are We to Understand the Act of Creation?
175. What Is Demoniac Possession?
176. In What Sense Was Man Created in the Divine Likeness?
177. What Is Meant by the "Elect"?
178. What Is Meant by "Saved, Yet As by Fire"?
179. What Is Meant by "Strange Fire"?
180. What Was the Forbidden Fruit?
181. What Are the Spiritual Gifts?
182. What Is a "Generation''?
183. What Was the "Gift of Tongues"?
184. What Does "God's Image" Mean?
185. WhereDid theJews Getthe Name "Hebrews"?
186. What Was the "Heresies" of Apostolic Times?
187. What Is an Indulgence?
188. What Is Meant by "Because Thou Hast Left Thy First Love"?
189. How Did Satan Receive the Name "Lucifer"?
190. What Were the "Marks of the Lord Jesus" ?
191. Who Were the Magi?
192. What Did Paul Mean by "The Revelation of the Man of Sin"?
193. When Was the Sabbath Changed from the Seventh to the First Day of the Week?
194. What Is the Distinction between Sabbath, Sunday, and Lord's Day?
195. What Are We to Understand by the "Secret Place"?
196. Who Were the "Sleeping Saints"?
197. Who Are We to Understand by the "Spirits in Prison"?
198. What Does the Word "Spiritual" Really Mean?
199. What Was the Purpose of the "Tree of Knowledge"?
200. What Is Known Concerning the "Tree of Life"?
201. What is It to Be "Unequally Yoked"?
202. Who Are the "Witnesses" Who Surround the Believers?