555 Difficult Bible Questions Answered

Copyright, 1914 (Now in the Public Domain in the U.S.)


20. What Were the Meaning and Result of Abraham's Sacrifice?
21. Did Abraham See God in One of the Three Men Who Visited Him?
22. How Are We to Interpret the Miracle at Ajalon?
23. Did Adam and Eve Actually Eat Fruit, or is the Saying a Parable?
24. Was Adam a Red Man?
25. What Language Did Adam and Eve Speak?
26. What Became of Aaron's Rod?
27. What Was the Name of Cain's Wife?
28. Who Was David's Mother?
29. Who Named Eve?
30. Egypt—Date of Great Famine in:
31. Egypt—When Did Joseph Come to?
32. Ham: The First Negro.
33. Jacob—Date of His Journey to Egypt:
34. How Many Walls Had Jerusalem?
35. What Is the Origin of the Name "Jew"?
36. Who Were the Kings of Judah in Succession ?
37. What Was Manna?
38. What Is the Meaning of "Mizpah"?
39. Who Was Moses’ Ethiopian Wife?
40. What Became of Moses’ Rod?
41. What Was the Name of Potiphar's Wife?
42. What Two Bible Chapters Are Alike?
43. Was Sarai a Relative of Abram?
44. What Is the Meaning of "Selah"?
45. What Was the Fate of Amalek?
46. Who Were Called "The Children of Lot"?
47. Who Were the Amorites?
48. Where Was the First Altar Built?
49. What Language Was Spoken at Babel?
50. What Was the Cause of the Babylonian Captivity?
51. Why Was God Angry With Balaam?
52. In What Language Was the Message on the Wall to Belshazzar Written?
53. What Are the Essential Facto About Cain?
54. How Many of the Children of Israel Entered Canaan?
55. What Was the Sin of the Canaanites?
56. Is It Possible to Approximate the Date of the Creation?
57. What Time Was Consumed in the Work of Creation?
58. Was David Justified in Ordering Solomon to Have Joab and Shimei Executed?
59. Were Daniel's Companions in the Lions' Den His Brothers?
60. Who Were King David's Wives?
61. Why Was David A Man After God's Own Heart"?
62. From Whom Were the Edomites Descended?
63. What Became of Elijah's Body?
64. Was There Rain Before the Flood?
65. What Was the Population of Earth Before and After the Flood?
66. Was the Rainbow Visible before the Flood?
67. How Soon After Adam's Fall Did Idolatry Begin?
68. What Is Known of the Hittites?
69. What Is Known of the Hivites?
70. Who Were the Ishmaelites?
71. When Did the Change in Jacob's Spiritual Nature Occur?
72. Did Jephthah Really Offer Up His Daughter Asa Sacrifice?
73. Why Do the Jews Face the East When Praying?
74. Will the Jews Be Restored to Palestine at Christ's Second Coming?
75. How Often Was Jerusalem Destroyed?
76. Why Was the Temple Built in Jerusalem?
77. Who Was Job?
78. Did God Give Job into the Hands of Satan to Be Tempted?
79. Did God "Blot Out" the Day on Which Job Was Born?
80. Are the Speeches of Job's Friends to Be Regarded as Inspired?
81. Is the Book of Job a Real History or a Dramatic Allegory?
82. Why Did 'the Wicked Kings of Judah Let Their Sons Pass through Fire?
83. Who Were the "Lost Tribes"?
84. What Secular Evidence Have We of the Fate of Lot's Wife?
85. Who and What Was Melchisedec?
86. Who Were the Moabites?
87. Why Did Moses Strike the Rock?
88. What Was the Dispute Over Moses' Body Between Michael and Satan?
89. Did Nebuchadnezzar Literally Eat Grass?
90. What Were the Dimensions and Material of Noah's Ark?
91. What Were the "Bitter Herbs" Used at the Passover?
92. Were the Patriarchs Really As Old As the Bible Record States?
93. Was Pharaoh Drowned in the Red Sea?
94. What Is Meant by "I Will Harden Pharaoh's Heart"?
95. If God "Hardened" Pharaoh's Heart, Was It Possible for Him to do Otherwise than He Did?
96. Who Were the Philistines?
97. Who Wrote the Book of Proverbs?
98. What Figure Is Conveyed by the Words "Rachel Weeping for Her Children"?
99. What Was the Width of the Red Sea at the Point Where Israel Crossed?
100. Whence Came the Queen of Sheba?
101. What Problems Did the Queen of Sheba Put to Prove the Wisdom of Solomon?
102. What Was the Sin of Saul— l. Sam. 13:13, 14?
103. Why Were "Shepherds" an Abomination to the Egyptians?
104. Who Were the Sidonians?
105. What Is Known of Sodom Outside the Bible?
106. Can Any Spiritual Lesson Be Drawn from Solomon's Song?
107. Where Was the Twelfth Tribe at the Time of the Jewish Kings?
108. What Was the Real Sin of Uzzah?
109. Did the Witch at Endor Really Raise the Spirit of Samuel?
110. What Is the Real Meaning of the Visions Described by Zechariah?