555 Difficult Bible Questions Answered

Copyright, 1914 (Now in the Public Domain in the U.S.)


111. How Was the Apostles' Creed Formulated?
112. Did John Write the Last Chapter of His Gospel?
113. What Were the Locusts That Became the Food of John the Baptist?
114. What Is Known of John's Birth and Early Training?
115. Was John the Baptist Sentenced to Death Before the Dance of Salome?
116. When Did John the Baptist Die ?
117. Was John the Baptist Elijah?
118. John the Baptist's Place in Prophecy.
119. Why Was Twelve the Number of the Apostles?
120. Have We a Historical Record of the Deaths of the Apostles?
121. If Paul Had Not Expected a Resurrection Would He Have Lived a Self-indulgent Life?
122. Is It Known Who Were Paul's Parents?
123. What Are the Dates of the Pauline Epistles?
124. What Do We Know of Paul's Personal Appearance?
125. What Was the Cause of the Dispute Between Peter and Paul at Antioch?
126. Was Paul Familiar with the Scriptures?
127. What Part Did Paul Have in the Stoning of Stephen?
128. Was Paul Ever Married?
129. What Were the Date of Paul's Missionary Journeys?
130. When Did Paul Go to Rome and How Long Did He Stay?
131. Did Paul Baptize?
132. Did Peter Go to Rome?
133. Was Peter Converted Before His Denial of Christ?
134. What Was Paul's "Thorn in the Flesh"?
135. For What Purpose Was Judas Chosen as a Disciple?
136. In What Sense Was Judas a Devil?
137. How Did Judas Die?
138. Was It Repentance or Remorse That Drove Judas to Suicide?
139. Were the Apostles Converted Before the Day of Pentecost?
140. Was the Gift of Tongues Retained by the Apostles Until Their Death?
141. Were Any of the Disciples Married?
142. Who Were the Essenes?
143. Who Were the Gentiles?
144. Who Were the Pharisees?
145. Who Were the Sadducees?
146. Who Were the Herodians?
147. What Is Known of the Early Life of the Author of the Epistle of James?
148. Was It a Whale That Swallowed Jonah?
149. Who Were the Karaites, or Readers?
150. How Long Did Lazarus Live After Being Raised from the Dead?
151. Who Was Lydia?
152. Was Mary, the Mother of Jesus, of the Tribe of Judah?
153. Who Were the Parents of Mary?
154. How Many Marys Are There in the Bible?
155. Who Are the Nestorians?
156. Who Were the Nicolaitanes?