555 Difficult Bible Questions Answered

Copyright, 1914 (Now in the Public Domain in the U.S.)


203. Does the Doctrine of Jesus' Divinity Depend on the Miraculous Conception?
204. Was Christ Born in the Year 1 or in 5 B.C?
205. Is There a Real Conflict in the Evangelists' Genealogies of Christ?
206. Who Were the Brothers of Jesus?
207. Is There a Rational Explanation of the StarofBethlehem?
208. Did the Parents of Our Lord Take Him
209. How Could Jesus, Being Already Perfect, Increase in Wisdom?
210. How Old Was Jesus When He Began to Understand the Nature of His Mission?
211. Why Is Christ Described As a High Priest After the Order of Melchizedek?
212. As God, How Could Jesus be Weary, Hungry and Thirsty?
213. Why Was Jesus Baptized?
214. Did Christ Make Wine at the Cana Feast
215. What Was Jesus' First Sermon?
216. Did Christ Sing Any Hymns?
217. Was Jesus Really Tempted As We Are?
218. Could Jesus Sin?
219. Did Satan Own the Kingdoms Which He Offered in the Temptation?
220. What Became of the Nine Lepers Who
221. In What Kind of a Body Did Moses Appear at the Transfiguration?
222. Were There Two Anointments by Two Different Marys, She of Bethany and Mary Magdalene?
223. What Prayer Did Our Saviour Ask at the Last Supper?
224. Was Judas at the Institution of the Lord's Supper?
225. What Was the Value of the Thirty Pieces of Silver That Judas Received?
226. How Did the Sleeping Disciples Know What Word Jesus Uttered in the Garden ?
227. Who Was the "Certain Young Man" of Mark 14:51?
228. Was the Pain the Saviour Suffered on Calvary Physical or Mental?
229. Why Was the Inscription Used on the Cross "The King of the Jews"?
230. How Many Hours Was Jesus on the Cross?
231. At What Hour Did the Crucifixion Take Place?
232. Was Jesus Happy on His Way to the Cross?
233. Who Were the More Guilty of Christ's Death, the Jews or the Romans?
234. What Became of Pilate After He Judged Jesus?
235. Could Pilate Have Done Other than Condemn Jesus to Death?
236. Could Christ Have Come Down from the Cross?
237. How Many Appearances Are Recorded of Christ After His Resurrection?
238. Christ's Garments—Where Did He Get Those Which He Wore when He Appeared to Mary on Resurrection Morn?
239. In What Body Did Jesus Appear After the Resurrection?
240. How Long Was Jesus in the Grave?
241. Did Jesus Die of a Broken Heart?
242. Why Did They Cast Lot for Christ's Garment?
243. Why Did Jesus After His Resurrection Say: "Touch Me Not"?
244. Was the Ascension in Human Form?
245. What Were the Characteristics of Jesus That Made Him So Worthy of Following?
246. Why Is Jesus Sometimes Called the Son
247. The Meaning of the Name "Jesus."
248. In What Language Did Christ Speak?
249. Why Have We Differing Versions of the Lord's Prayer?
250. Does Any Parallel to the Lord's Prayer Exist?
251. What Is Implied in Jesus' Words "See the
252. What Is Meant by "Poor in Spirit"?
253. Did Jesus Abrogate the Law?
254. What Is Meant by "Whosoever Therefore Shall Break One of These Least Commandments" ?
255. What Are We to Understand by "Lead Us Not into Temptation"?
256. Who Are the "Angels of the Little Ones'"?
257. What Is Meant by "The Children of the Kingdom Shall Be Cast Out into Outer Darkness"?
258. Whet IsMeant by "Let the Dead Bury Their Dead"?
259. Why Did Jesus Want the News of His Miracles Kept Quiet?
260. What Is Meant by "Who Is Able to Destroy Both Soul and Body in Hell"?
261. What Is Meant by "I Came Not to Send Peace, but a Sword"?
262. What Is Meant by "For I Am Come to Set a Man at Variance with His Father"?
263. What IsMeant by "This It Ellas Which Was to Come"?Matt. 11:14.
264. What Are the "Idle Words" that Men Shall Give Account of?
265. What Are We to Understand by Christ's Parable of the Return of the Unclean Spirit?
266. What Are the Tares Mentioned in Matt. 13:25?
267. What Was the Power Conferred on Peter by Christ's Commission of the Keys?
268. What Is Meant in Jesus' Advice "Turn to Him the Other Also"?
269. Who Are the People to Whom Christ Referred as Being "Joined Together of God"?
270. What Was the "Needle's Eye"?
271. What Is Meant by "A Rich Man Shall Hardly Enter the Kingdom of God"?
272. What Is the Parable of the Laborers Intended to Teach?Matt. 20:1-6.
273. In the Parable of the Laborers What Is the Principle Taught?
274. How Are We to Interpret "The Son of Man Came Not to be Ministered Unto but to Minister"?
275. What Did Jesus Mean by Faith That Could Remove Mountains?
276. Was the Man without the WeddingGarment Harshly Dealt with?
277. Why Should We Call Jesus "Master"?
278. What Is Meant by "Heaven and Earth Shall Pass Away"?
279. What Is the Lesson of the Parable of the Talents?
280. Was the Story of the Rich Man and Las-
281. Did Jesus in Any of His Parables Make
282. What Is Meant by "New Wine in Old Bottles"?
283. What U Meant by Unto Them That Are without, All These Things Are Done in Parables"?
284. What Did Our Lord Mean When He Spoke of "The Mystery of the Kingdom''?
285. How Should We Interpret Jesus' Words "The Damsel Is Not Dead, but Sleepeth"?
286. What Kind of Baskets Were Used in the Miracle of the Loaves and Fishes?
287. Who Was the Little Child That Jesus Took Up and Blessed?
288. What Did Jesus Mean by Saying "Why Callest Thou Me Good"?
289. Why Was the Fig Tree Blighted?
290. Was Christ Omniscient in the Flesh?
291. Does Christ's Admission that He Did Not Know the Time of the End Imply that He Was Not Divine?
292. If Christ Knew AU Things, Did He Not Know that Judas Was Not a True Believer?
293. What Are the Signs Which Jesus Said "Shall Follow Them That Believe"?
294. Why Did Jeans Say of John "He That Is Least in the Kingdom of God Is Greater than He"?
295. What Was the Special Value and Object of Jesus' Parables?
296. How Are We to Understand "Whosoever Hath, to Him Shall Be Given"?
297. Why Did Jesus Allow Evil Spirits to Enter the Herd of Swine?
298. What Did Jesus Mean by "Take No Thought for Your Life, What Ye Shall Eat, neither for Your Body What Ye Shall Put on"?
299. WhatIs Meant by Hating Father and Mother and Wife for Jesus' Sake?
300. What Was Meant by the "Ninety and Nine Just Persons Which Need No Repentance"?
301. What Were the "Husks That the Swine Did Eat"?
302. Who Is Represented by the "Elder Brother" in the Prodigal Parable?
303. What Did Our Lord Mean by Saying to Peter "When Thou Art Converted Strengthen Thy Brethren"?
304. What Is Meant by the "Impassable Gulf"?
305. What Classes of Mankind Did Dives and Lazarus Represent?
306. What Is Meant by "Easier for Heaven and Earth to Pass, than One Tittle of the Law to Fail"?
307. What Is Meant by "Making Friends of the Mammon of Unrighteousness"?
308. When Jesus Asked: "Woman, What Have I to Do with Thee?" Was He Ungracious to His Mother?
309. How Are We to Understand the Phrase: "The Zeal of Thine House Hath Eaten Me Up"?
310. What Is Meant by "Except a Man Be Born of Water and of the Spirit"?
311. What Is the "New Birth"?
312. What Is the "Witness of the Spirit"?
313. In What Sense Is Meekness a Virtue?
314. Why Did Jesus Give an Evasive Answer to the Question "Who Art Thou"?
315. What Were the "Greater Works" to Which
316. Do Public Prayers Violate Christ's Injunction to Enter into the Closet When We Pray?
317. What Did Christ Refer to When He Asked Peter Whether He Loved Him More than These?
318. What Did Jesus Mean by "If I Will that He Tarry tillI Come"?
319. What Is the Lesson Conveyed in the Passage on Foot washing in John 13:10?
320. Are the Verses "For God So Loved the World,' Etc, the Words of Christ or John?
321. How Should We Interpret "Take No Thought for the Morrow"?
322. Who Are the "False Prophets in Sheep's Clothing"?
323. What Is the Parable of the Ten Virgins Intended to Teach?
324. What Is Meant to Be Taught by the Case of the Evil Spirit Which Brought into the Unguarded Heart "Seven Other Spirits More Wicked than Himself"?
325. What Are We to Understand by "Many Are Called, but Few Are Chosen"?
326. Why Did Jesus Tell His Disciples to Buy Swords?
327. Was There Heartlessness in Jesus' Words: "Let the Dead Bury Their Dead"?
328. In What Sense Is "The Kingdom of God Is within You"?
329. What Is the "Sin Unto Death"?
330. What Is to Be Understood by Putting "New Cloth on Old Garment"?
331. Did an Angel Actually Come Down and Disturb the Pool at Bethesda?