555 Difficult Bible Questions Answered


Copyright, 1914 (Now in the Public Domain in the U.S.)

This volume is the outcome of Biblical research covering a period of almost a quarter of a century, and represents the combined labors of careful and painstaking scholars, pastors, professors and theologians of all denominations. Their investigations have been conducted along the lines followed by the ablest orthodox expositors of the present day. To the average student and Bible reader, it will be found a valuable means of reference, and a source of constant edification, enlightenment and education. The contributors to the book have not merely traveled along the ordinary highways of Biblical literature; they have found in rarely trodden footpaths and byways much that is valuable and known only to the few. They have carefully weighed and tested their authorities and, with infinite labor, have here set down only that which has appealed to them as worthy of preservation and likely to be of service to earnest Bible students everywhere. It is humbly hoped that the book will be found worthy of a place on the student's table as a companion to the Bible, since it serves to shed the light of the best modern interpretation upon a very large number of obscure passages, many of which are liable to be misunderstood by the ordinary reader. It is supplementary to the Sacred Book m the sense that it presents, from trustworthy sources, more or less difficult of access, much that is in the nature of corroborative evidence. It also gives, in many instances, renderings of difficult passages with a closer and truer relation to the original text.

In the domain of practical everyday Christian living, and particularly in dealing with problems that are constantly arising for consideration, it will be found especially helpful Many of the questions with which it deals are such as are familiar to the average man or woman, and they will find in it material aid toward their solution. In the pages of The Christian Herald these questions, and others of a similar character, dealing with matters of faith, personal conduct and Christian living, have been frequently discussed.

In view of the steadily growing interest in all forms of Bible study, and with a sincere desire to be of service to the multitudes who yearn to know more of God's Word, and to place at their disposal a means of real help which we are led to hope will be welcomed and appreciated, the present volume is respectfully submitted by the compiler.