555 Difficult Bible Questions Answered

Copyright, 1914 (Now in the Public Domain in the U.S.)


332. Is Being Killed in an Accident a Punishment?
333. Should We Endure Uncongenial Association?
334. How Can One Have Absolute Assurance of Forgiveness of Sin?
335. Was the Atonement an Old Testament Belief?
336. Is the Efficacy of the Atonement Limited to Those Who Accept It?
337. Is Celibacy Commanded in the Bible?
338. How Far May People Be Compelled to Accept Christianity?
339. What b a Spiritual Church?
340. Will the Whole World Be Converted Before the Second Coming?
341. Does the Role Laid Down by James 2:10 Imply that All Crimes Are Equal in Guilt?
342. Why Did Paul Advise Timothy to Drink
343. Can Evil Emanate from God?
344. Does God Choose People for Destruction?
345. Does Satan Interfere with God's Children?
346. What Was the "Sentence of the Serpent"?
347. Who Created the Devil?
348. Are We As Christians Bound to Keep the Ten Commandments?
349. Is the Backslider's Case Hopeless?
350. Is There Any Hope for the Backslider?
351. Does Every Good Thing Come from God?
352. Why Do Some Passages of the New Testament Use the Neuter Pronoun in Referring to the Holy Spirit?
353. Will the Jews Ever Return to Palestine?
354. la Justification the Same Under the Old and New Dispensations?
355. How Can the Kingdom of God Be Established before the Judgment Day?
356. Can a Christian Keep the Moral Law?
357. Does the Bible Say Anything About Life Insurance?
358. Is the Love of God towards Man to Be Interpreted Individually?
359. Does God Work Miracles at the Present Time?
360. Did Paul Discourage Marriage?
361. What Has the Bible to Say About Marriage and Divorce?
362. Does God Approve of the Marriage of an Unbeliever to a Believer?
363. la It Possible that the Miracle of the Incarnation May Be Repeated?
364. What Is the "Call" to the Ministry?
365. What Are the Qualifications of a Minister?
366. How Long Have We Had a Trained Ministry?
367. Is Misfortune a "Judgment of God"?
368. Has a Man Two Natures?
370. Do the Pauline Epistles Contain All that Is Essential to Salvation?
371. Why Was Polygamy Allowed to the Patriarchs and Why Is It Wrong Now?
372. Does God Answer Prayers?
373. Do Prayers for the Unconverted Help?
374. Should We Pray for One from Whom the Holy Ghost Has Departed?
375. Should We Persistently Ask for Blessings?
376. Is It Right to Ask for Definite Blessings?
377. Why Should We Agree with Our Adversary Quickly?
378. Will God Give Us Anything We Ask?
379. Does God Regard Our "Little Things” in Prayer?
380. Does God Hear the Prayer of the Wicked?
381. Was the Prohibition against Eating Pork Ever Revoked?
382. When and Why Was the Sabbath Changed to the First Day of the Week?
383. Is Suicide Wrong?
384. Is Being Tempted a Sin?
385. What Is the Trinity; How Is It Possible; and What Proof Is There of It?
386. Is Trouble Sent As a Punishment?
387. Why Does Not God Save All the Human Race?
388. Can an Honest, Moral, Upright Life Save Any One?
389. Is It Possible for One to Be Saved without Knowing; It?
390. What Is Meant by Transfiguration?
391. What Is Transubstantiation?
392. Can a Wealthy Business Man Be a Practical Christian?
393. Is Wealth an Evil or a Blessing?
394. How Do I Know That I Am Saved?
395. Why la It Wrong to Harbor Angry Feelings?