555 Difficult Bible Questions Answered

86. Who Were the Moabites?

They were the descendants of Lot and were neighbors of the Amorites on the opposite side of the River Arnon (Num. 21 -13). They were governed by kings and possessed many great cities (Num. 21:28-30; Is. 15 :1; Num. 23 7). They were proud, arrogant, idolatrous, superstitious, rich, confident and prosperous. They were mighty men of war (Is. 16:6; I Kin. 11:7; Jer. 27:3; Jer. 48:7, 11, 14). The Amorites deprived them of a large part of their territory (Num. 21 -26). The Moabites refused to let Israel pass through their country and were so greatly impressed and alarmed by the multitude of the Israelitish host that, with Midian, they sent Balaam to curse it (Num. 22 to 24). Subsequently, Israel was enticed into their idolatry and even intermarried with them. They were always hostile to Israel until Saul subdued them (I Sam. 14*47) and were later made tributary to David and the Jewish kings (II Sam. 8:2-12; II Kin. 3*4), but finally joined Babylon against Judah (II Kin. 24:2).