555 Difficult Bible Questions Answered

62. From Whom Were the Edomites Descended?

They were descendants of Esau. They inhabited a fertile and rich country specially given to them (Deu. 2:5; Gen. 27:39). Their country was traversed by roads though it was mountainous and rocky (Num. 20:17; Jer. 49:16). They were governed by dukes and later by kings (Gen. 36:15-30; Num. 20:14). -n character they are said to have been wise, proud and self-confident, strong and cruel, vindictive, idolatrous and superstitious (Jer. 49:7, 16, 19; Eze. 25:12; II Chron. 25:14, 20; Jer. 27:3). They inhabited the cities of Avith, Pau, Bozrah, Teman and others. Though they were implacable enemies of Israel, it was forbidden to hate them (Deu. 23:7) or to spoil, and they might be received into the congregation in the third generation (Deu. 23:8). Saul made war against them and David conquered them (I Sam. 14*47; H Sam. 8 :14). They took refuge in Egypt and returned after David's death (I King 11:17-22) when they confederated with Israel's enemies only to again be over thrown (2 Chron. 20:10) but finally aided Babylon against Judah (Psa. 137:7, Oba. 11).