555 Difficult Bible Questions Answered

545. What Will Be the Status of Infants in Heaven?

The only pertinent passage we recall is the incident of David and his infant child (II Sam. 12:23), in which he expressed the belief that he would go to him. Evidently he expected joy in meeting the child and expected recognition. Christ made an enigmatical remark about the angels of children (Matt. 18:10), as if implying that children had angels as their guardians in heaven. Then, too, he took a child and set him before his disciples with the words: "Of such is the kingdom of heaven" (Matt. 19 '14). In the spiritual state, when the body is left behind, there is no question of growth. It is a matter of development. What condition then is so favorable to a beautiful development as the atmosphere of heaven? That must be a very beautiful nature, which never having sinned, has grown up in heaven in such society as exists there. There is no reason to suppose that the future life will be other than one of progress, and this would imply progress in growth in every direction. We can only conjecture, however, what that growth will mean in the spiritual world.