555 Difficult Bible Questions Answered

540. .What of Wives and Husbands in Heaven?

A similar question was put to Christ (Matt. 22:23-90). You will see how he answered it. We know very little of the conditions of life in the spirit. We cannot easily conceive of life apart from the body, yet it is obvious that there is such life. Christ's answer to his questioners appears to imply that the material relationships of life are left behind, and that while we shall recognize one another, there will be such a purification and elevation of being that all idea of marriage will be lost in the sublimity of spiritual life. In Luke 20:27-40, Jesus was questioned on a similar topic and was replying to questions about the resurrection. Marriage was ordained to perpetuate the human family; but as there will be no breaches by death in the future state, the ordinance will cease and man will be like the angels in his immortal nature. This immortality, however, referred only to "those who shall be counted worthy."