555 Difficult Bible Questions Answered

539. Shall We Have Work to Do in Heaven?

A life without occupation is inconceivable. One of the great equipments for such occupation will be the enjoyment of perpetual youth—implying strength for service. Unquestionably it will be a life of intense activity—a busy place, with high avocations suited to the varied degrees of skill and to the endowments of the redeemed. Throughout the Scriptures, all evidences point to the conclusion that it is to be a life of activity, progress and spiritual development on the highest lines, when we have the assurance that God is himself a ceaseless worker (see John 5:17). Besides, in Heb. 1 :i4, it is clearly intimated that the redeemed will be actively engaged in carrying on the Lord's work, by a ministry to those who need help and consolation. They serve God continually (Rev. 7:15), and doubtless in a great variety of ways. "There is not the least reason to suppose," writes an able commentator, "mat God will abolish this variety (of talent and abilities) in the future world; it will rather continue there, in all its extent We must suppose that there will be, even in the heavenly world, a diversity of tastes, of labors, and of employments, and that to one person this, to another that field, in the boundless kingdom of truth and of useful occupation, will be assigned for his cultivation, according to his peculiar powers, qualifications, and tastes." This is the view now generally accepted by the Christian Church throughout the world.