555 Difficult Bible Questions Answered

538. What Will Heaven Be Like?

Of heaven itself and the blessedness in the life to come, we know only what is revealed in the Scriptures, and it is not possible, from such limited knowledge, to form any adequate conception. The Bible describes the happiness of heaven in general terms. See Rom. 8:18, 22; II Cor. 4:17, 18. It is described as a kingdom (Matt. 25:1) ; as a place of rest; as a place where knowledge will go on to perfection, and as a state in which the saints will dwell together. It will be a place of complete felicity, where the enjoyment will be heightened by friendly intercourse. It is further described as having a city with everlasting foundations; a place of innumerable homes (see John 14:2) ; a place where we shall meet our loved ones and our children [(see II Sam. 12:23; Luke 16:25). John in Rev. 22 tells us of the "pure river of water of life" and "the tree of life with its abundance of fruits." Beyond these little is disclosed; but we have enough to assure us that it is a place of great happiness (see I Cor* 2 -9) ; of blessed reunions where there are eternal youth and strength and where sorrow, sighing, pain and the afflictions that wound us in this life are unknown.