555 Difficult Bible Questions Answered

532. Will Our Resurrection Bodies Rise with Us on the Judgment Day?

See this whole subject fully set forth in I Cor. 15th chapter. A vast amount of philosophic conjecture has been expended and many books have been written about it; but the fact remains that nowhere is it more clearly and comprehensively stated than in this chapter. The belief in the resurrection of the human body has apparently been fortified by the well-known passage in Job. 19:2f5, which in the old version was mistranslated, but is corrected in the Revised to read "yet without my flesh shall I see God." All the evidences go to show that while the body to be raised shall be such as to preserve identity, it will be a purified, changed and spiritualized body, with the grosser material elements removed or so transformed as to render them fit for heaven and immortality. It shall become a glorified body like unto that of Christ. (See I Cor. 15 49; Rom. 6:9; Phil. 3:21.) The bodies of those who are alive at the last day will undergo a similar miraculous purifying transformation without death (see II Cor. 54; I Thess. 4:15; Phil. 3:21).