555 Difficult Bible Questions Answered

529. What of One Who Lives Nobly, yet Who Is Not a Christian?

He will not be as one who lived a purely selfish life, because he will not suffer those reproaches of conscience, which may be expected to torture the selfish man. If, however, he has heard the Gospel and rejected it we do not see how he can expect recognition of, or reward from God on account of his good deeds. Christ said emphatically, "no one cometh unto the Father but by me." If, therefore, a man rejects Christ and takes his stand on his own merits, he plainly intimates that he considers his way better than God's way. He makes Christ's life and death, so far as he is concerned, unnecessary. If a man who is bringing a suit in a court wilfully and contemptuously ignores the rules of the court, he is not likely to be heard, no matter what are the merits of his case. So a man who rejects Christ puts himself out of court We are not to judge, however, in such cases.