555 Difficult Bible Questions Answered

528. What Does "Damnation" Mean?

Damnation, or condemnation, does not always imply the final loss of the soul. Thus the passage in Rom. 13:2 clearly means condemnation from the rulers, "who are a terror to evil-doers." I Cor. 11129 means that the offender would be exposed to severe temporal judg- merits from God and to the censure of good men. Rom. 14-23 means that such a one is condemned already by the Word and by his own conscience. The final loss of the soul of the impenitent, however, is clearly taught in many passages, including Rom. 623; Matt 25-41; Jas. 1:15; Matt 10-28; II Thess. 1 -9; Matt 25:30; Luke 16*23, 26.