555 Difficult Bible Questions Answered

488. How May We Win Souls?

"How can I win souls" is a frequent question from beginners in Christian life. They remember the injunction: "He that winneth souls is wise." (Prov. 1130.) The first impulse which comes to the newborn soul in Christ is to tell some one else of the glad experience and to bring some one else to the Saviour. The first requisite for the work of soul-winning is to have a definite experience which makes its possessor long to have others share it The most important element of soul-winning is simple testimony to the grace of God. There must be consistent and careful living, for it is difficult or impossible to win others to Christ when one's own life does not exemplify the teachings of the Master. The Bible must be mastered by one who would be a successful soul-winner. He must have in his mind, or be able to reach quickly, passages which will meet the difficulties of those whom he tries to win. There must be also a sympathetic study of human nature. The soul-winner must understand the workings and problems of the hearts and minds he tries to reach. Then, there must be continued activity. Mr. Moody made it a rule to speak definitely to at least one person about his soul's welfare every day. Above all, the power of the Holy Spirit must be sought and found to give wisdom and power, by which alone real success in soul-winning is to be found.