555 Difficult Bible Questions Answered

485. Is the Unpardonable Sin Possible Today?

In ancient times, it was generally held that the unpardonable sin (Matt 12:32) was attributing the works of the Holy Spirit to Satanic agency. If there be a modern counterpart of the unpardonable sin, we should think it is to be found in the case of the person who uses the livery of God to serve the devil in; who enacts the role of the shepherd of the sheep, while he is nothing but a ravening wolf in disguise; who assumes the attitude, language and demeanor of a saint while his exterior covers a heart black with sin and foul with guilt; who brings to the altar of God's house hands that are stained with crime, and who keeps up this show of religion and utters the language of Christian invitation while he himself is not a Christian. It is a terrible picture and one which is almost unimaginable in the case of any sane and responsible person,