555 Difficult Bible Questions Answered

475. "Does Falling into Sin Prove that Conversion Has Not Yet Taken Place?"

That is not a reliable test Unhappily, even converted men fall into sin at times. There is, however, this difference, that before conversion, sin occasions little if any sorrow, whereas after conversion it is sincerely mourned and deplored and God's help is sought not only for pardon, but for strength to avoid it in die future. There are many signs of conversion. One is that just stated in the soul's attitude toward sin. Another is love for Christ, through whom all blessings come. There is, too, an intense desire to know him and be like him and a complete dependence on him, and a resolve that if his will is recognized it shall be obeyed at any cost. There is also a change of feeling toward others, especially toward all who also love Christ. The soul that has been born again is full of love to men and women and there is a desire to render them service. These are among the most conspicuous signs of conversion, but they are not always all present at the beginning of the Christian life, but develop later.