555 Difficult Bible Questions Answered

46. Who Were Called "The Children of Lot"?

The Ammonites were so called (Deu. 2:19). They were a cruel, covetous, proud, reproachful, vindictive, superstitious and idolatrous nation (see Amos 1:13; Zep. 2:10; Eze. 25:3, 6; Judg. io-6; Jer. 27:3). Their chief city was Rabbah (II Sam. 12:26-27), where they were governed by hereditary kings (II Sam. 2:20-21). They had various encounters with Israel. With the Philistines they oppressed Israel for eighteen years (Judg. 10:6-9). Saul succeeded against them as did David, and Joab overcame them (I Sam. 11:11; II Sam. 10:7-14). Solomon intermarried with them and introduced their idols into Israel (I Kin. 11:1-5).