555 Difficult Bible Questions Answered

456. In What Sense Is Our "Overcoming" Like That of Jesus?

There is more in the statement in Rev. 3:2l than a comparison of our victories with those of Christ It is rather a statement of similarity in the whole sequence of struggle, victory, and reward in the case of the Christian and of Christ. He struggled, triumphed, and was enthroned; we, too, shall struggle, triumph, and be enthroned. This does not mean that at every step, or necessarily at any step, our experiences shall be identical with his or equal to his. His struggles, his victories, and his rewards are greater than ours can be. Nevertheless, we find it to be true, comparing this passage with others, that, whatever struggles we may meet, our victories may be as complete as his. (See I John 2:6,4:17; II Cor. 2:i4, etc.) And this is true because it is his very strength that is available for us in our times of need.