555 Difficult Bible Questions Answered

448. Why Is Liberality to Be Commended?

It is pleasing to God. He never forgets it Christ set an example of it and it is characteristic of Saints (n Cor. 9:7; Heb. 6:10; II Cor. 8:9; Ps. 112:9). This good quality should be exercised in the service of God towards all men, such as saints, servants, the poor, strangers, and towards enemies (Ex. 35:21-29; Gal 6:10; Rom. 12:13; Deu. 15:12-14; Lev. 25:35; Prov. 25 21)'. It should be demonstrated by lending to those in want, in giving alms, relieving the destitute, and in rendering personal services (Matt. 542; Luke 12:33; Is. 587; Phil. 2:30). In practice, however, we should be guided by these restrictions. We should be liberal without ostentation, with simplicity, should be willing and give abundantly (Matt. 611-3; Rom. 82 ; Deu. 16:10; Mat. 6:1-8; II Cor. 8:12; II Cor. 87). Its exercise provokes others to like goodness whereas the want of, while bringing to many a curse, is proof of not loving God, and of not having faith (II Cor. 93;Prov. 28:27; I John 3:17; Jas. 2:14-16). Liberality is highly commended, blessings are connected with it and promises are given to those who practice it (Luke 3:11, 1141; I Cor. 16:1; Ps. 41:1; Ps. 112:9; Prov. II25). God's people were always noted for having this virtue, as see Prince of Israel, Num. 7:2; Boaz, Ruth 2:16; David, II Sam. 97-10; Zacchaus, Luke 19:8; First Christians, Acts 245; Barnabas, Acts 4:36, 37; Cornelius, Acts 162; Lydia, Acts 16:15; Paul, Acts 20:34.