555 Difficult Bible Questions Answered

447. Is It Wrong to Judge Others?

It is a common failing in humanity to pass judgment upon others and it is frequently attended by unfortunate results. We are expressly told in Scripture that judgment belongs to God. (See Matt 7:1-5.) No matter what the occasion, it becomes the Christian to withhold his judgment, and particularly the open expression of it, lest he should be doing an injustice. There are cases, of course, where an act is so palpably wrong and so obviously done with wicked purpose, that we feel naturally disposed to condemn; but even here we may make a mistake, unless we are thoroughly familiar with all the antecedent circumstances. This reservation of judgment does not relate to the operation of the statute law, but to the individual. Paul tells us, in Romans 144, that we ought not to assume the right to condemn. Therefore, to tell a person that he is not a Christian, if he has a ring on his finger, is to assume a position to which we have no right There may be a reason for his wearing it that we do not know; it may be the gift of some relative or friend, or a memorial. To men impressed with the urgent need there is in the world for money to use for charity and religion, it would appear a duty to give all the money available to these causes and not to spend any of it on personal adornment. Arriving at such a conclusion, let him act upon it himself, and not hastily denounce others who may have different ideas of their duty. Above all, we should refrain from censorious gossip, which is a fruitful cause of ill-founded and wicked judgment of others.