555 Difficult Bible Questions Answered

445. In What Sense Is the Holy Spirit a Guide?

The Holy Spirit is certainly promised in answer to believing prayer. (See Luke 11:13.) See an account of his work in John 16 7-15. But the fact should not lead any one to be intolerant, or unreasonable. It is conceivable that a man might be so convinced that he is led of the Spirit to believe or do certain things, as to make grievous errors. He might believe himself infallible. The best and wisest men have in the past made that mistake. The humble, childlike believer seeks enlightenment and it may come to him through a preacher, or through private study, but he should keep his mind open to new light and should never assume, because he has reached a certain conclusion after prayer, that he is necessarily right. He may have been misled by ignorance or prejudice. In his talk with Nicodemus (John 3:8), Christ compared the operations of the Spirit to the movement of the wind, which could not be controlled or directed. We see this sometimes in revivals where we cannot account for one person being converted while another remains unmoved. But we may be quite sure that whenever any one sincerely desires the Holy Spirit's influence, God is more ready to bestow it than we can be to receive it.