555 Difficult Bible Questions Answered

444. What Are the Consequences of Resisting the Holy Spirit?

We are warned against the danger of resisting the Holy Spirit, and Paul (Eph. 4:30) admonishes the believer not to grieve the Holy Spirit. It is possible for one to refuse to obey the call of the Spirit, yet without placing himself outside of the pale of redemption. The Bible itself furnishes several instances of this character. We should advise any one who feels that he may have refused the call at one time to take a hopeful attitude, and to seek God's mercy and forgiveness with a contrite heart, remembering that the promise of forgiveness extends to "whosoever" may come. Jesus saves to the uttermost, and has assured us that he will not reject any one who comes to him in this spirit. We can not set limits to God's mercy, and he is at all times more ready to forgive than we are to seek his forgiveness.