555 Difficult Bible Questions Answered

443. How Can One Obtain a "New Heart"?

The sole resource is prayer and a constant striving against indulgence in sin. God is able to give a new heart, and when a man is sincerely desirous of obtaining that blessing there is no doubt of its being granted to him. God is more ready to bless us than we are to seek his blessing. But he does not confer his gifts unless they are sincerely sought. And there must be proof of sincerity by co-operation. If a man prayed that he might reach the top of a mountain, God would not take him bodily there, but he would give him the strength to climb. If you read the description of the condition of a man struggling against sin in Romans 7, you will see that victory is obtained through the power that Christ gives. This power is freely granted to all who seek it, and through it any one may overcome evil.