555 Difficult Bible Questions Answered

421. Is It Possible to Rid Oneself of Inherited Evil Tendencies?

We are not quite sure that we are justified in holding our ancestors altogether responsible for our evil tendencies. Some people like to hold Satan responsible for a share. It is, however, always advisable to inquire how far a man himself is deserving of blame. Probably, if it can be proved that he had nothing to do with the origin of them, still he may have assisted in their development. There is no doubt that he can, at least, be delivered from indulging his evil tendencies, even if they are not entirely extirpated. That is what Christ came to do. He offers us the power we need to bring our natures under subjection. The Holy Spirit in the heart so reinforces the better part of our nature that it gains power enough to hold the evil tendencies in subjection. They then so lose their power that they cease to be a danger, and, like any other part of our being that is not used, become weak. We must help in working out our own salvation. We must avoid temptation, and must be vigilant in preventing outbreaks. God will help us if we are sincere, and with Almighty help, what is there that is not possible?