555 Difficult Bible Questions Answered

417. Does the Bible Anywhere Prohibit Dancing?

Not specifically, but it condemns frivolity, folly and wickedness in every form. There are various points of Christian behavior applicable to modern life for which no specific rule or authority can be found in the Bible, as social conditions have greatly changed. Modern vices and indulgences have sprung up and these must be dealt with by the Christian as his conscience and judgment dictate. Dancing, though not in itself necessarily sinful, is exceedingly apt to degenerate into sin. Had promiscuous dancing, as it exists in society today, been prevalent in Bible times (instead of the comparatively innocent amusement then known, and the ceremonial or religious dances), it would unquestionably have been a subject of denunciation as sweeping as that applied to any of the vices of the time. The purpose of the Scriptures is to give general principles for the new life and so leave us the great benefit of deciding for ourselves how to apply them. In modern dancing, the evil so far overbalances the good that it is indefensible and should not be sustained by Christians.