555 Difficult Bible Questions Answered

416. Are Impure Thoughts a Sign of Non-Conversion?

Every man has some avenue by which temptation most easily besets him. His duty is to exercise special vigilance at that avenue. He should study himself and find out how best to deal with the temptation. It is well to ascertain by recalling our periods of trial, what were the exciting causes, and avoid them in future. Plenty of hard work, physical and mental, the pursuit of some absorbing subject of study, constant occupation, the avoidance of reverie, and of suggestive books, a careful attention to diet, and, above all, earnest prayer, especially whenever the evil thoughts arise, are the means we should use. But we must be continually on our guard against sudden temptation. We have to fight our battle, and it will be a hard one, but we may count on divine help, and if we are really in earnest, we will win the victory. We must act intelligently, as we would if we were afflicted with some physical disease and were seeking a cure. Thousands have fought the same battle and have won it. We should not doubt the reality of our conversion. That would undermine our strength.