555 Difficult Bible Questions Answered

389. Is It Possible for One to Be Saved without Knowing; It?

Among the children of Christian homes or among conscientious heathen (see Rom. 2:14, 15; Acts 10:34, 35), there may be cases in which a soul has salvation and is not definitely conscious of it In the vast majority of cases, however, since the turning toward sin has been definite and voluntary, so the turning from sin and the receiving of forgiveness and a new nature are so definite as to be matters of plain knowledge. The New Testament clearly teaches that those who become converted may receive the witness of the Spirit, assuring them that they have been born again (see Rom. 8:16; I John 5:10). Any one who wants to be a Christian or hopes he is a Christian may receive this assurance if he persists in trusting Christ. Our salvation depends, not upon our feeling, but upon the unchangeable fact of the atonement and upon the plain promises of God's Word. When we definitely trust we become conscious of certain definite changes in our experience. Fear of God changes to love of God; we love Godís people and his work. If we continue faithful the witness of the Spirit will be added to these signs and we shall know that we are children of God.