555 Difficult Bible Questions Answered

355. How Can the Kingdom of God Be Established before the Judgment Day?

The Kingdom of the Messiah, which was foretold by many of the prophets and is further explained in the New Testament, is a divine, spiritual kingdom, to be built up in the hearts of men and ultimately to become universal. It is described in the early prophecies as a coming golden age, when the true religion should be re-established and universal peace and happiness should prevail. Unquestionably, it was regarded by the Jews in a temporal sense only, but the Saviour himself declared it to be a spiritual kingdom, and his followers look forward to its highest realization only after his return. Meanwhile, it is being established now; from the beginning of the Christian dispensation, it has progressed in the hearts of men. That Jesus himself intended to convey this is made clear in Matt. 8:12, 11:12, 11:28; Mark 12:34; Luke 11:9, 11, and many other passages which deal with the various phases of the same subject Matt. 24 describes the condition of the believers at the judgment and their welcome to the fullness of the completely established kingdom, with all its blessings and rewards.