555 Difficult Bible Questions Answered

354. la Justification the Same Under the Old and New Dispensations?

Justification is the act of God and has ever been so, under both the Old and New Dispensations. Under the Old, those were accepted who rendered a faithful and willing obedience; thus we read, in Gal. 3 :6, that Abraham believed God, and this belief ( e., faith) was accounted to him .for righteousness. Under the New Dispensation, Jesus "came to bring life and immortality to light," that is, to give us a spiritual illumination which would disclose to man the great scheme of redemption ordained from the beginning. The contention, therefore, that none save those who are in the New Dispensation can attain immortality is untenable. Besides, the evidence of Scripture itself is against such a conclusion. Moses and Elijah were seen at the transfiguration. Paul held that while the race, as a whole, died in Adam's sin, as a whole it received life through Christ's redemptive work.