555 Difficult Bible Questions Answered

353. Will the Jews Ever Return to Palestine?

Will the Jews return to the Holy Land, and will they ever, as a nation, acknowledge Christ as the Messiah? is often asked, and again it is sought to be known how they can be God's chosen people when they reject Christ. There is no doubt that the Jews were God's chosen people and Paul says (Romans 11 :1) that He has not cast them off. In that and the two preceding chapters the apostle fully discusses the question. The prophets assure us that they will return to the Holy Land. There are predictions, dating before and during the captivity in Babylon, which were fulfilled when they returned under the edict of Cyrus, but there are others indicating a later and permanent restoration. The passages in Isaiah 2:2-4, Jeremiah 3:18, 16:14, 15; Ezekiel 36:24, 37:21, 25, 39:28, and many others have not yet been fulfilled. They will probably return in unbelief but will be converted later (see Rom. 11:26).