555 Difficult Bible Questions Answered

345. Does Satan Interfere with God's Children?

Paul, in common with the people of his time, had a firm belief in the interference of Satanic influence in human life. Not only in I Thess. 2:18, but in II Cor. 12:7, he refers to it. The "thorn in the flesh," whatever that affliction was, he regarded as a messenger from Satan. The writer of Samuel took another view. He said the evil spirit that troubled Saul was from the Lord. (See I Sam. 16:14, 18:10 and other passages.) The writer of the book of Job thought that the evil fortune might be the work of Satan under express permission of God. The origin of evil has always been a mystery and it is not solved yet Though we cannot understand it, we may be sure that vexations and hindrances and temptations do not come to us without the divine permission, and they are intended to strengthen the character. Paul himself said that all things work together for good to them that love God. (Rom. 8128.)