555 Difficult Bible Questions Answered

329. What Is the "Sin Unto Death"?

It is believed to be the sin against the Holy Spirit which tends toward or is destined to result in spiritual death. Several commentators make it quite distinct from what is known as the "unpardonable sin"—which is believed to have been attributing the Spirit's marvelous work to Satanic agencies. Alford makes it the act of "openly denying Jesus to be the Christ, the Son of God." Such willful deniers are not to be received into one's house (see II John verses 10 and n). The apostle's meaning is evidently that this chief sin is one by which faith and love are destroyed and the new life killed by a palpable rejection of grace. When such a person knowingly thrusts spiritual life from him, no human intercession can avail. See James 5 :14, 18; Matt. 12:31, 32, as to the obstinate rejection of the Holy Ghost's plain testimony to the Divine Messiah. Jesus on the cross pleaded for those who knew not what they did in crucifying him, not for those willfully resisting grace.