555 Difficult Bible Questions Answered

321. How Should We Interpret "Take No Thought for the Morrow"?

Jesus did not have a word to say against industry or prudence. His words in this instance were directed against the anxiety, worry, and foreboding which afflict so many people. Trust in God, he said in effect, do not spoil your lives by this distressing fear. At the worst, you will have clothing and food. Do not be grasping or selfish, but give to those in need. Solomon said a similar thing (Prov. n 124). The one man whom Christ advised to sell all he had and give to the poor, was a boastful man who wanted to be perfect. Jesus saw the fault in his character and told him that his way to perfection was to eliminate that fault. To other men he probably gave no such advice. He laid his finger on the weak place. The apostles, it is true, were bidden leave all and follow him; but that was necessary to the work to which they were called; yet even with them Peter seems to have kept his house as did John.