555 Difficult Bible Questions Answered

313. In What Sense Is Meekness a Virtue?

It is a comprehensive virtue. It includes gentleness, readiness to do good to all men, to walk humbly before God and man, and not to overrate ourselves; to be loving as well as lowly-minded, not given to worldly ambition, but zealous to yield willing obedience to God's will; quiet, self-possessed, never quarrelsome nor disputatious. See Matt. 5:5; Matt. 11:29; II Cor. 10:1; I Peter 3:4; I Cor. 67; Rom. 12:19; I Peter 2 :19-22; Rev. 217. Thus the meek, though the "only rightful occupants of a foot of ground or a crust of bread here," are the heirs of all things hereafter.