555 Difficult Bible Questions Answered

292. If Christ Knew All Things, Did He Not Know that Judas Was Not a True Believer?

Christ did not claim to know all things. He mentioned one thing that he did not know (Mark 13:32). At the same time he is said to have known what was in man (John 2-25), so he may have been aware of the possibilities of evil in Judas, which were probably not developed when he was chosen as an apostle. Christ knew of his intended treachery before it was committed. Doubtless Judas himself, at the time of his call, had no idea that he would commit such a crime. Even at the last, he may have expected that Christ would deliver himself by his miraculous power. He was evidently horror-stricken when he learned the result of what he had done, as is proved by his committing suicide.