555 Difficult Bible Questions Answered

261. What Is Meant by "I Came Not to Send Peace, but a Sword"?

Christ's work on the individual soul may help you to understand his meaning (Matt. 10:34). The converted soul enjoys a peace passing all understanding; but bow is it attained? The first stages of the process are those of fierce conflict. See the agony, the distress, that the majority of men pass through when they are under conviction. It is through conflict that peace is attained. It is so with the evil in the world. Christ's kingdom is one of peace; but not the despicable peace with wickedness and oppression. With those evils there must be war. If a father wisely loves his son, he does not ignore that son's bad ways; he punishes him in order to save him. You may say how do we reconcile the rod in the father's hand with his love for his child. There is no need to reconcile. The rod is a sign and proof of the father's love. So Christ's coming brought a sword to smite the evil that is cursing the world.