555 Difficult Bible Questions Answered

241. Did Jesus Die of a Broken Heart?

That is the opinion of many who have written on the subject, physicians included. It is certain that the Crucifixion did not kill him, as that was a death by exhaustion. Jesus was not exhausted, for we are told (Matt. 27:50) that he "cried with a loud voice" when he yielded up the ghost. The fact that when the soldier pierced his side there came thereout blood and water (John 19:34) indicates, according to eminent surgeons, that the heart was ruptured. The most probable way of accounting for the blood and water flowing from a wound in the side of a dead body is that the spear pierced the pericardium—or sac which contains the heart—which would contain blood and water if the heart were ruptured. The severe strain in the Garden the night before, the intensity of which was indicated by a sweat of blood, probably prepared the physical nature of Jesus for the sudden collapse, which caused Pilate to "marvel that he was dead already." (Mark 15*44.)