555 Difficult Bible Questions Answered

195. What Are We to Understand by the "Secret Place"?

The "secret place" (see Ps. 91 :l) is interpreted as meaning "the covert" of his tabernacleŚ"the beatitude of the inner circle, or secret shrine, to which that select company of the faithful have access, and where they may taste the hidden wisdom." One commentator writes that this passage applies "to those who are more at home with God than other Christians, and who are also more alone with God. In this inner circle the childlike spirit is made one with the will and the love of the almighty Father. It is a security and a refuge against whatsoever may await us in this world or elsewhere, and those who belong to it bear on their countenances the seal that they are free from fear of evil and that they have gained the victory over terror and dismay." In brief, it is only those who live closely to God who find those divine attributes which to others are majestic and overpowering, transformed into a sure shelter and a joy that lifts all care forever from the soul.