555 Difficult Bible Questions Answered

18. What Are the Famous Songs of the Bible?

The great songs of the Old Testament, besides the Psalms and certain metrical passages in Job, are: Lantech's Sword Song, Gen. 4:23, 24; Noah's Song, Gen. 925-27; Moses' and Miriam's Song, Ex. 15:1-19,21; War Songs, etc., Num. 21 -.14,15,17,18,27-30; Moses' Prophetic Song, Deut. 32:1-43; Song of Deborah and Barak, Judg. 5:2-2i; Samson's Riddle Song, Judg. 15:16; Hannah's Magnificat, I Sam. 2:1-10; David's Song of the Bow, II Sam. 1 :19-27; David's Song over Abner, II Sam. 3:33, 34; David's Thanksgiving, I Chron. 16:8-36; Hezekiah's Song, Isa. 38:10-20; Jonah's Prayer Song, Jonah 2:2-9; Habakkuk's Prayer Song, Hab. 3:2-i9; and the four original songs in the New Testament: Luke 146-55; Luke 1:68-8o; Luke 2:14; Luke 2:20-33.