555 Difficult Bible Questions Answered

159. What Is Meant by the "Prince of the Power of the Air"?

It refers to Satan (Eph. 2:2), the "prince of evil," who assails men on earth with trials and temptations. The word "power" is used here for the embodiment of that evil spirit which is the ruling principle of all unbelief, especially among the heathen. (See I Tim. 4:1; II Cor. 44; John 12:31.) 159A. What Is to Be Understood by Being "Baptized for the Dead"? Beuzel translated the familiar passage in I Cor. 15:29 thus: "Over the dead," or "immediately upon the dead," meaning those who will be gathered to the dead immediately after baptism. Many in the ancient church put off baptism till near death. The passage probably referred to some symbolical rite of baptism or dedication of themselves to follow the dead even to death. Another view held by some expositors is that it was a custom to baptize certain persons with the names of the dead, in the hope that they might inherit their spirit and carry on their work.