555 Difficult Bible Questions Answered

155. Who Are the Nestorians?

They are the descendants of a sect of early Christians, named after Nestorius, a theologian of the fifth century A. D. They claim also to be descended from Abraham, and sometimes call themselves Chaldeans. They are probably the oldest of the Oriental churches. They are found in Persia, in India, East Indies, Syria, Arabia, Asia Minor, and even in Cochin China, the principal settlements, however, being in and near Persia. They believe Christ to be both divine and human—two persons, with only a moral and sympathetic union. They do not believe in any divine humiliation nor any exaltation of humanity in Christ. They acknowledge the supreme authority of the Scriptures and believe they contain all that is essential to salvation. The main body of Nestorians is nominally Christian, but it is a lifeless Christianity. They have no images, but they invoke the Virgin and the saints and are ignorant and superstitious.