555 Difficult Bible Questions Answered

152. Was Mary, the Mother of Jesus, of the Tribe of Judah?

It is not proved, except inferentially. The Jews, in constructing their genealogical tables, reckoned wholly by males. Some of the best modern authorities, however, observing all the rules followed by the Hebrews in genealogies, have reached the conclusion that in ZorobabeL the lines of Solomon and Nathan unite, and that Joseph and Mary are therefore of the same tribe and family, being both descendants of David in the line of Solomon and that both have in them the blood of Nathan. David's son, Joseph, has descent from Abiud (Matt. 1113) and Mary from Rhesa (Luke 3127), sons of Zorobabel. The genealogies of Matthew and Luke are parts of one perfect whole; the former bearing the descent of Mary and Joseph from Solomon—the latter the descent of both from Nathan.