555 Difficult Bible Questions Answered

132. Did Peter Go to Rome?

There is nothing in the book of Romans to indicate Peter's presence in Rome at any time, but that is merely negative evidence. If he ever visited Rome, it was probably during the last year of his life, although Eusebius in the Chronicon says he visited it in A. D. 42. Jerome also mentions Peter's visit to Rome. Catholic writers assert that he was there for a number of years. There is no evidence of the fact in the New Testament books. It is generally accepted, however, that he was in Rome in his last year when he became a martyr as our Lord predicted (John 21 :18, 19). Dionysus of Corinth writes that Peter and Paul suffered martyrdom in Italy together. Irenams confirms his presence in Rome. Caius, Origen, Tertullian and others bear similar testimony.