555 Difficult Bible Questions Answered

13. What Are the Sacred or, Symbolical Numbers?

There are certain numbers employed in Scripture that are known as sacred or symbolical' numbers. Among these are seven (perfection), as the triune symbol of deity and the four quarters of the earth; forty, a "round number," signifying duration, distance, quantity; ten (completeness) ; five, as used in offerings etc.; four, related to the quarters of the globe, the shape of the holy of holies in the temple, etc.; three, symbol of supreme divinity; twelve, which derives its significance from the twelve tribes and which has been called the "square number," the "zodiacal number," the "apostolic number." 12x12 means, symbolically, fixity and completeness, and taken a thousand-fold, it gives the grand multiple of 144,000 (otherwise a countless multitude), one thousand symbolizing the world wholly pervaded by the divine—a world redeemed I