555 Difficult Bible Questions Answered

104. Who Were the Sidonians?

These people were descendants of Sidoa, a son of Canaan, and were formerly a part of the Phoenician nation (Matt. 15:2i, 22; Mark 7 -24, 26). They dwelt on the sea-coast in the cities of Zidon and Zarephath (Josh. 11:8; I Kin. 17:9; Luke 4:26), and were governed by kings. In character they were careless, idolatrous, superstitious, wicked and unpenitent (Judg. 18:7; I Kin. 11:5; Jer. 27:3-9; Matt. 11:2i, 22). Their business was commerce and of course they were skillful sailors (Is. 23:2; Eze. 27:8). They supplied the Jews with timber, who in turn supplied them with provisions (I Chron. 22-4; Acts 12:20; Eze. 27:17). Although they were hostile and oppressive to God's people, Solomon and Abijah intermarried with them, and Israel followed the Sidonian idolatry (Judg. 10:12; Eze. 28:22-24; T Kin. 11 :1, 16:31).