555 Difficult Bible Questions Answered

1. Who Wrote the Various Books in the Bible?

Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, Deuteronomy —Moses (scholarly opinions differ here, but so far no thoroughly convincing arguments have been advanced to disprove the Mosaic authorship of large portions of these books); Joshua—Joshua (also ascribed to Phineas, Eleazar, Samuel and Jeremiah); Judges— ascribed by Jewish tradition to Samuel; Ruth—unknown; I and II Samuel—unknown (probably the work of Samuel, Nathan and others) ; I and II Kings —unknown; I and II Chronicles—probably Ezra; Ezra—probably Ezra; Nehemiah—Nehemiah; Esther —probably Mordecai, or Ezra; Job—uncertain (has been attributed to Moses, or Job); the Psalms—David, Moses, and others; Proverbs—Solomon and others; Ecclesiastes—formerly ascribed to Solomon, now thought by many to belong to a later period; Song of Solomon—Solomon; Isaiah—Isaiah; Jeremiah—Jeremiah ; Lamentations—Jeremiah; the remaining books of the Old Testament were written by the prophets whose names they bear, with the probable exception of Jonah; Matthew—Matthew; Mark—Mark; Luke— Luke; John—John; Acts—Luke; Romans to Philemon—Paul; Hebrews—unknown (has been ascribed to Paul, Luke, Apollos, Barnabas); James—James; I and II Peter—Peter; I, II and III John—John; Revelation—John.