Children of the heavenly King

A hymn for the Children of God in the Days of their Pilgrimage.

Children of the heavenly King,
As ye journey, sweetly sing;
Sing your Saviour's worthy praise,
Glorious in His works and ways.

2 We are travelling home to God
In the way the fathers trod ;
They are happy now, and we
Soon their happiness shall see.

3 Shout, ye little flock and blest;
Ye on Jesus' throne shall rest;
There your seat is now prepared,
There your kingdom and reward.

4 Lift your eyes, ye sons of light,
Zion's city is in sight;
There our endless home shall be,
There our Lord we soon shall see.

5 Fear not, brethren ;
joyful stand On the borders of your land ;
Jesus Christ, your Father's Son,
Bids you undismayed go on.

6 Lord, obediently we go,
Gladly leaving all below ;
Only Thou our Leader be,
And we still will follow Thee.

The author of this hymn was the Rev. John Cennick, born 1718. He was at one time a helper of the Wesleys in the Methodist meetings (see under No. 3), and afterward a clergyman in the Moravian Church. He published this in 1742 with many other hymns, and died at the early age of thirty-eight years. It is pleasant to think of him as safely home, while we travelers sing his cheerful hymn.